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About us.


Platform marketplace that helps users to get professional services and advice from qualified specialists and experts of a large number of industries.

It creates an opportunity to book online and pay for them quickly and without additional efforts.


In the current business climate, it`s not important how expensive your product is, but how transparent you are, how quality your services and products, how polite and professional your staff.

Prices for quality staff, products, services are more or less the same, but how to choose the most efficient one?


How to choose the one with the best service?

How to encourage people, companies to provide the best service?

How to highlight the worst?

How to motivate them to improve?

How to highlight and recognise the best employees?

How to motivate the lazy ones?

How to find the rude ones, or the ones that are ruining your business?

How can we find out who are currently the best on the market?

Why us

Only the companies , services and products ,that are being honest, transparent and the most efficient will get the best recognition.

In order to do that, let`s give them an IQ (I Quality score)

But what IQ should it be?

IQx will help us to improve, recognise, reward, motivate and attract more customers by rewarding them for feedbacks and scores.

IQx - X is unknown, but we can always make it the figure we all feel it should be.

So let`s make everyone an expert.

I Quality Xpert.

Let`s give an IQx score to the experts (companies) in their fields.


Features our service.

Communication system

It provides quick messaging between users and experts, allowing you to quickly and easily share the necessary information.

Ease of Use

Possibility of instant booking of the chosen service "in two clicks". Clients do not need to spend a lot of time searching for the necessary service or booking. It is enough to enter in the search for necessary service, book and pay it.

Work archiving

Having a personal archive of customers, consultations, financial transactions, history of feedback received and ratings allows you to view the history of previously received services and permanent access to them.

Dual mode of use.

Clients can provide services as experts in their specialized industry. If a customer detects a need to register as a specialist – he/she can submit an application, provide all supporting documents for obtaining such permission and start the activity.

Structuring working hours

For convenience, the experts is available to organize your own working order and the ability to create a calendar with bookings. Specialists can navigate quickly in their work schedule and, if necessary, adjust it.


Free registration and use of the service is an additional advantage, client pays only for the services of specialists without additional commission, and the expert has a free tool to generate income from your activities.

How it works.

Balanced system of discounts

The platform provides a loyalty program for users, under the terms of which there is a possibility to get a discount on the purchase of the following services.

To do this, you need to place a review (or comment) about the expert and the level of recently received services.

In addition, specialists and companies can independently place special offers to increase the flow of customers or to form the image.

Clear structure of companies

For the company, the service allows centralized personnel management, access to all provided and future consultations of their experts and services, the ability to control the activities of employees and receive payment for services online without additional Investment.

Quality Control of services

Rating system of Specialists and moderation is one of the key factors that guarantees the quality and transparency of the provision of services obtained through the platform.

Experts who are registered undergo a rigid moderation system, which prevents the system of not qualified specialists.

Reviews made by users, form the ratings of specialists, and also give an opportunity to make an objective evaluation of the expert`s activity and level of professionalism.

Wide range of services

A large database of proposals relating to diverse categories and industries requires a simple and affordable search.

Therefore, the platform provides a system of advanced selection of services for a number of criteria, namely: category, location, price, number of reviews, price-quality ratio, overall rating.

Thanks to this system, users can easily find the necessary service and book it without difficulty.

Marketing Opportunities

For an expert – an opportunity to increase your rating as a specialist, to form a personal brand.

For companies – popularization and enhancement of image through the provision of quality services and systems of rating.

Experts and companies can post information about promotional offers and discounts.

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